Madimack is one of Australia's leading providers of High Energy Efficient solutions for homes, offices and other commercial spaces. The company oversees the design, delivery and installation of heat pumps & AI automated controls. 

Our heat pump technology is European design perfectly suited for the Australian climate. Whether you're looking to heat your pool, or a green alternative to heating and cooling your home, office or commercial space, Madimack has the solution for you! 

Comprising a team of professionals and experts in the energy space, Madimack is uniquely positioned to facilitate solutions to all aspects of a household, office or commercial space. 

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Madimack emphasizes the importance of using scientific advancement in invention and engineering in reducing energy cost for your residence or commercial establishment. The company does this by utilizing award-winning design and unparalleled expertise of its energy consultants to deliver a heating and cooling solution that is ecologically sustainable. 

We are also one of Australia's leading Smart Home automation technology providers. Comprising of a team of experts, Madimack is uniquely positioned to facilitate AI-based smart home solutions to all aspects of a household – including safety enhancement, fire hazard prevention, gas supply, pool control, hot water control, and appliance control.

All our solutions are sourced from reputed, industry-leading brands – ensuring that our clients get nothing but the best solutions. All products come with industry-standard warranty coverage and unparalleled after-sales support services.


Move towards Zero with Madimack today!

smart home_home automation_energy-efficient solutions


Our vision is to become industry leaders in providing the country’s best sustainable energy solutions. Through our cutting-edge products, minimise your carbon footprint and enjoy increased savings along the way. Bolstered by a powerful portfolio of products, our goal is to equip you with energy-efficient solutions, with access to a greener and more sustainable style of living.

smart home_home automation_energy-efficient solutions


Our clients gain access to smart and sustainable energy solutions that make your properties more intelligent and efficient than ever. By leveraging our professional support and services, upgrade your property with ease to meet a wide variety of needs today!