Pool Heat Pump Update taking on the big pools.

The Elite Silent 260 gets a powerful upgrade to become a 28kW power house.

For all you big pool owners we are proud to present the upgraded Elite Silent pool heat pump. Maintaining its elegant design and patented back discharge you can be sure your pool stays heated faster and longer. The unit is TuV tested to ensure the output is correct and our pool heating evaluation software completes the energy efficient solution.

Other upgrades include the optimisation of the built-in WiFi application and an improved efficiency rating raising it to an average COP of 10.4. 

The Elite series has become a go to pool heat pump throughout Australia and with our 5 star reviews charging away through the industry from pool builders, pool suppliers and heating system installers we listened to our customers and created a larger capacity single phase system.

For all commercial pool heating requirements we still have our 3 phase units up to 110kW which should satisfy even the largest of heating requirements.

For all our pool heat pump specifications check out our brochure here.

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