Hot Water Control

Optimise heat-up times to match your usage

Hot water usage can pile onto your energy bills very fast, which is why it is important to have a solution that creates a profile of your hot water usage and controls temperature based on it.

Optimised heat-up times. Let your smart hot water system determine what your usage times are and automatically initiate heating up around these times.

Build a property profile. Each household has varying levels of hot water utilisation - having a custom profile can save more and consume less.

Significantly reduce your power bill. Hot water heating contributes to 40% of your power bill, which is why reducing inefficiencies here will drive costs down.

Remotely access your ACs and control comfort levels and energy usage to drive down costs and consumption.

Integrate with Alexa and Google. Use voice activated controls to communicate with your AC without having to move an inch to touch your remote control.

Enhanced energy efficiency. Using smart technology, your AC unit will adjust to prevailing temperatures and reduce consumption and reduce your overall carbon footprint.

Controlled comfort levels. Your air-conditioner will learn your habits and preferred settings over time and develop a profile that seamlessly emulates your preferences.

Air Conditioning Control

Economical and eco-friendly air-conditioning

Heating Control

Control your heating and manage costs

Heating is a necessity that can result in very expensive power bills, which can set you back. Switch to systems that identify where you expend the most heat and allow you to optimise for efficient utilisation.

Automatic optimal temperature calculation. The most ideal and efficient temperature based on your surrounding environment, your behaviour and usage pattern, and optimise accordingly.

Detect sleep periods. The system will determine a “sleep” temperature based on usage and automatically set it to that at the right time.

Link your thermostat to your device. Your household’s heating environment can be linked to and accessed remotely via your phone and/or tablet – enabling easy mobile access.

Pool heating and management can be a very expensive and inefficient process, which is why having a good system that syncs your pool to weather updates and allows it to heat up automatically is so valuable.

Mobile control. Access all your pool-related data from the palm of your hand and set up tasks by simply pushing a button.

Optimise run times with weather data. Your system will sync with real time weather information and heat your pool only when it needs to be heated.

Greater energy savings. Pools make up a large proportion of monthly energy and financial expenditure. Smarter pools mean greater efficiency and more savings.


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Photovoltaic Integration

Save on battery and electricity by seamlessly handling load shifting.

Implementing solar technology is only the first step towards energy efficiency and reducing your overall carbon footprint. Make the most of the electricity you generate and store by allocating it an intelligent, efficient, and effective manner.

Save battery. Make sure the energy you generate, and store is intelligently preserved via innovative photovoltaic battery integration thereby reducing unnecessary losses.

Control electricity consumption. Track the areas of your home responsible for the highest levels of energy consumption and take steps to control them.

Streamlined load shifting. Make your system as efficient as possible by adjusting your energy usage so you consume more electricity during the day.