Hydronic Underfloor Heating 

Underfloor heating is the perfect choice for many homes and buildings, providing luxurious heating functionality unlike anything else on the market whilst being sustainable.

These systems maintain a consistent temperature, heating a room more effectively than conventional heating technology such as radiators which send heat straight through a room, as opposed to evenly heating the floor and ceiling areas. In fact, hydronic underfloor heating has proven to be 25% more effective than radiators.


Tick Maintains a pleasant and comfortable temperature during winter and summer.

Tick Radiant heating is an extremely healthy and efficient way of heating up spaces.

Tick The system is extremely energy-efficient and is made even more so through the use of a heat pump.

Tick Can be installed in new buildings and in existing properties that are undergoing renovation.

Tick Can be used to heat and cool various spaces including bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens.


How does Hydronic Underfloor Cooling work?

Hydronic underfloor heating and cooling systems use the principle of radiant heating, to provide comfort in a given space. Here, radiation causes energy to move between individuals and a given cooling surface, which in this case is the floor. A heat pump or a chiller then passes chilled water through the system’s underground pipe network, causing the floor to become cooler than the air. This causes the floor to absorb radiant energy from the atmosphere, resulting in a reduction in air temperature.


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Hydronic Underfloor Heating

Hydronic underfloor heating that utilises water is generally known as a hydronic system. Key features of these systems include:

  •  Low running costs and high energy efficiency
  • Can be installed in property extensions or in entirely new constructions
  • Perfect for large buildings


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Hydronic Underfloor Cooling 

Hydronic Underfloor Cooling utilizes the same technology and installation methods as Underfloor Heating systems. These systems provide: 

  • Superior energy efficiency with combined heat pump use
  • Healthier internal environments
  • Unlimited design freedom 


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With the use of a thermostat, heat management is made even more efficient. Here, you can expect to:


  • Avoid energy wastage
  • Maximise cost savings
  • Exercise greater control over your heating




Heat and cool load calculator for Underfloor Heating and Cooling

Wouldn't life be easy and breezy if you knew your exact heating and cooling requirements? Beyond money saved, this also makes for an energy-efficient property!

Take a look at our calculator for heat and cool loads for underfloor heating and cooling systems.



Contact an Underfloor Heating and Cooling Expert.

Floor coverings compatible with Underfloor Heating and Cooling

Polished Concrete

Among the most popular flooring options in Australia, polished concrete makes for a reliable choice for homes with underfloor heating and cooling systems. They support both hydronic and electrical underfloor options.


Both electric and hydronic heating systems can be used with wooden flooring. These enjoy high thermal conductivity.

TIle and stone

Apart from its luxurious feel, tile and stone are highly compatible with underfloor heating systems as they heat up fast and retain heat effectively.


When it comes to laminate flooring, heat transfer depends on density. Higher the density, higher the efficiency.


Not only do warm carpets look and feel more homely, it also keeps the air fresh through lower levels of humidity and fewer dust mites.

Who benefits from Madimack Underfloor Heating and Cooling solutions? 


Building Owners
Architects and Designers


When it comes to your home, nothing but the best of comfort is good enough. In this regard, hydronic cooling and heating systems are flawless in terms of maintaining comfortable and healthy living spaces.

  • Maintain the aesthetic appeal of your home with any floor covering of your choice.
  • Improved internal climate - no dry heating or humidity.
  • A healthier alternative to conventional heating technology - less air circulation.
  • Enhances design freedom as there are no bulky devices in sight.


For builders, hydronic underfloor heating all but guarantee satisfied customers, given the efficient heat distribution and energy savings the system promises. These also give you the ability to provide truly versatile services, from retrofit options to installation in new buildings.

  • Enjoy quality hardware and reliable systems with Madimack.
  • Can be used in just about any type of property - even old buildings.
  • Installation is quick and hassle-free.
  • Easy to retrofit in existing buildings owing to the low structure height of the system.

If you’re looking to provide exceptional plumbing services, opting for hardy and highly effective systems such as hydronic underfloor heating is crucial. With the support of devices such as heat pumps, equip a property with the most energy-efficient and cost-effective technology.

  • Satisfied customers - systems are quiet, invisible, and highly effective.
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Greater service provision - systems can be fitting into new buildings or even older properties.
  • Profit off long-lasting hardware.

For building owners, a higher rental yield is made possible with hydronic cooling and heating systems. Though this, maintaining pleasant temperatures all summer long and right through winter is made effortlessly easy.

  • Overall property value is increased.
  • Improved internal climate - no dry heating or humidity.
  • Next to no maintenance required.
  • 12% reduction in running costs.

When it comes to property design, don’t allow bulky heating and cooling devices to limit your services. By opting for hydronic heating systems, enhance your design and planning with quiet, efficient, and sustainable systems.

  • Greater freedom for spatial planning.
  • Environmentally-friendly heating and cooling.
  • Customised systems for new properties and renovation projects.
  • Fast and cost-effective installation.