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 Madimack is a trusted affiliate for construction companies and builders across Australia. There is a growing trend in the number of projects involving heat pump installations, adding significant complexity to the project. Our team of heating and cooling solutions experts will assist in taking the pressure off you, ensuring supreme quality sustainable heating installation for both residential and commercial building projects. 


Both Air Source Heat Pumps and Geothermal Source Heat Pumps are popular for architects/ designers, property developers, installers and builders in Australia. These systems assist properties meet building regulations, low carbon standards as well as the code for a sustainable home.


Our team of experts will assist you and your clients in the planning, installation and maintenance process of the most suitable heat pump technology for the project. 

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With numerous projects in our portfolio, we can help you answer questions from Air Source Heat Pumps and Geothermal Source Heat Pumps, to its technology, the process of integrating installation with a construction project, the impact it has on project timelines, to site and project management, system handover and ongoing technical support. 


  As a builder, what do I need to know? 

✔  Which type of Heat Pump should I recommend?

✔  How much space is required for the Heat Pump system?

✔  Planning permission and Heat Pumps?

✔  Project timelines on Heat Pump installation?

✔  Ongoing maintenance and technical support?

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Why Partner with Madimack? 

Madimack simplifies many complex challenges you may face - benefit from a partnership that helps your business and clients grow. Our knowledge and expertise allow us to deliver an efficient service that suits every kind of budget.

Our team of dedicated experts perform a range of services, the most important of which is our on-site survey, working with a range of stakeholders and industry specialists to ensure a clear understanding of our projects. Eliminate the need to worry about any kind of consultancy or maintenance. Trust Madimack for services that extend to client handover and reliable aftercare.

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