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Saving Our Customers Money!


Saving Over $3000


Compared To Their Previous Gas Heating System


Saving Over $1000


And 5 Months More Heating Period Compared to Solar Pumps


Saving 60% Energy Cost


Compared To Their Previous Gas Boiler

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Know why our pool heat pumps are the best-rated heat pumps in the industry.

The Review:

I did plenty of research prior to selecting Madimack as our preferred selection of inverter pool heat pump. From performance to value and aesthetics, Madimack won out on all fronts.

  • The Product

    Eclipse Inverter Pool Heat Pum

  • The Area:

    South East Queensland, QLD

  • The Reviewer:

    Matt C

  • The Ratings:

The Review:

Although the nearest equivalent Evoheat model might have a bit more heat output but the product brochure showed it to be noisier, and we need something quiet. The Evoheat uses a bit more power as well. No regret with this product. 

  • The Product

    Eclipse Inverter Pool Heat Pump Elite Silent 21

  • The Area:

    Sydney, NSW

  • The Reviewer:

    Paul R.

  • The Ratings:

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