Lighting Control

Turn your lights on/off with no effort

Managing your lighting effectively and can be a great way of reducing your household’s overall consumption of electricity. Integrate your lighting system with Google Home and Amazon Alexa to create an environment of complete lighting automation.

Dim control and mood lighting. Set your lights to match the mood and aesthetics of your room with simple controls and an array of options.

Integrate with Alexa and Google. Voice activated controls to manage your lighting system without having to move an itch – eradicate the need for bulky switches.

Sleep mode initiation. Leaving lights on for a few hours each day can pile on your power bill – sleep mode addresses this instantly.

As our households grow and we add more devices and appliances, overall energy consumption is undoubtedly going to increase. Use our services to track your home’s energy consumption and control it manually or with artificial intelligence.

Plug and play. Our product connects into your electrical panel, allowing it to be durably integrated into your home – no need for maintenance.

Measure and display consumption. Track your consumption and identify where and how you need to cut back – information accessible directly through your mobile phone.

Standby switch-off. Reduce energy wastages by having the system we install turn off all devices on standby via an identifiable wall socket.

Home Insights

Access your home’s energy consumption data in real time

Voice Activated Control

Control your home vocally

Convenience and comfort should be at the forefront of what you expect in your home. Now, you can operate your network of automation products with innovative voice activated controls – allowing you to communicate with your home.

Centralized voice control. Access all your home automation devices by simply speaking to them by leveraging the latest industry-leading voice activated control technology.

Voice activated appliance control. Speak to and control your many appliances, from your washing machine to your refrigerator to your TV and many more.

Control your locks and garage doors. You no longer need to get up to lock and unlock your doors – simply communicate via Google Home or Alexa.

Appliances have becoming household necessities. With our systems, at the push of a button, you will be able to control your appliances, from dishwashers to washing machines to refrigerators to smart televisions, lighting systems, and more.

Centralized access. Have comprehensive universal and uniform access to all your household appliances without having to move from one point to another.

Make your devices smarter. Using a centralized appliance control system isn’t just about convenience- it’s about making your entire network of appliances more intelligent.

Efficient power consumption. Reduce wastages by knowing which device is consuming the most electricity and remotely turn off the appliances you always forget.

Appliance Control

Operate all your appliances from one point of access