Smoke Detection

Leverage more from your smoke alarm

The latest smoke detection technology that guarantees the highest levels of preventative and fire safety measures. With this affordable, yet innovative Nest smoke alarm in place, you will enhance the fire safety of your home, overnight.

Self-testing. In addition to making you safer, Nest Protect tests itself 400 times a day – making things more convenient for you.

Steam is not smoke. With the “Steam Check” feature, your Nest Protect alarm uses sensors and algorithms to effectively differentiate between steam and smoke.

Carbon monoxide detection. Built-in carbon monoxide sensor that checks air quality for the gas – making sure that everyone in your household is safe.

Technology that gives you visibility into your household’s gas consumption and allows you to centrally manage it. With household gas consumption levels increasing, making sure you have a solution that makes you more efficient is imperative.

Reduced risk of fire hazards. Manage and monitor your gas flow centrally, detect irregularities, and leakages that could result in a devastating fire accident.

Centralized control. Know where your gas is flowing to, where it is being expended, and take actions to become more energy efficient.

Easy installation. No complex wiring, drilling, and any other cumbersome installations – our team will be in and out in absolutely no time.

Gas Supply Control

Seamlessly manage your gas supply

General Power Lockout

Simplify and centralise safety enhancement measures

Safety is a priority for any home owner. Leveraging the best safety measures isn’t just an option, it’s essential. General Power Lockout improves safety by centralising your access to gas supply, fire detection, and external doors.

Centralized power lockout. Safely manage and control the power supply to your entire house – selectively shut power off during emergencies and when required.

Place your home in sleep-mode. Reduce the risk of safety hazards by ensuring power is not feeding any unsupervised parts of your house at night.

Lock out your entire home. Left home but worried you left your doors unsecured? Lock out your entire house remotely with our system in place.

If you frequently leave your doors unlocked, you are also leaving your household vulnerable to external threats. With intelligent locking, you can now enjoy your time away from home while having control over your home’s locks.

Remote access. Check your locks remotely by accessing your locks via a phone. The app gives you visibility into all your locks.

Greater security. Significantly reduce the risk of break-ins due to human error by making sure all exits are protected with this technology.

Shut your door and walk off. Gone are the days when you had to double-check whether you locked your doors. Rest assured that you are safe.

Door Lock Control

Worry-free remote door locking and access control

Garage Door Control

Remotely access your garage doors

Your garage doors are literally your gateway to the outside world - make them as smart as possible by integrating with Google and Alexa. Remotely access you garage door and allow couriers to easily complete deliveries.

Access your doors remotely. Reduce waiting times by opening your doors as you are driving in or as you are about to step outside.

Allow safe courier delivery. Remotely give couriers and delivery personnel temporary access to drop off packages and avoid extended delays in delivering valuable items.

Integrate with Google Home and Alexa. Leverage the smartest digital assistants on the market by integrating your garage door with them for smarter garage door control.