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At Madimack, our goal is to move you and your home, office or commercial property towards zero energy.


With our range of superior energy-efficient solutions, we transform buildings into sustainable comfort zones, equipped with leading, research-driven technology for a better today and tomorrow. With your Madimack solutions in place, make green energy and sustainability the core of your everyday living.


As industry experts in energy management, our solutions are guaranteed to help you become both smarter and cost-effective in carrying out your activities. Whether you want to make your home smart or more self-sustaining, your office greener and cleaner, or equip your commercial property with cost saving solutions, at Madimack, we’ve got all the answers.




Smart Solutions

Whether you’re a homeowner, landlord, or vacation rental owner, at Madimack we’ve got everything you need and more. Looking to automate your property for easier management? Remotely control smart devices for self-sustaining residences and offices? If so, our cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions provide the smartest answers to everyday woes.


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 If you’re keen to make your home a supreme oasis of comfort and convenience, our energy-efficient solutions are the perfect fit. If you’re looking for pool heating, underfloor heating, hot water needs, or cost-effective heating and cooling, we’re ready to meet all your needs with our cutting-edge technology. Trust Madimack for technology that changes your life.


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Our commercial solutions are perfect for anyone aiming to reach the zenith of their business potential. From our powerful heat pumps, cutting-edge TABS systems, and Embedded Network & Microgrid technology, there’s no room for anything less than supreme cost reduction and greener energy-efficient consumption. Discover the best of our sustainable energy solutions today!



I bought my pool pump on the July special. It was a bit of a wait but well worth it. Very happy with it! It looks much better than any other pool pump I have seen. It works well so far and the service off the team was outstanding!

- Erica -

Honestly, winter sucks! But since getting the madimack pool heat pump it sucks a little less. Great service from the sales team and the pool heat pump not only has a very competitive pricing but it is good quality. The warranty is fantastic so that I can be sure I don't have to worry about any repairs for the next couple of years. Had no issues at all with it so far. Just runs and runs and runs. Unless I don't want it to. Then it doesn't run.

- Abby -

We bought a Madimack pool heat pump for our home a few months ago and I've got to say I'm surprised by what a great decision it turned out to be. Not only is our pool nice and warm even now during the winter, but it has also barely increased our electricity bill. My wife and I were sceptical about how much this would cost us in terms of electricity, but we've been proven wrong. Moreover, the installation was quick and hassle-free, and we're very satisfied with the quality of service we received!

- Tuan -

We purchased a 11 kW in a bundle with 6.6 kW PV system, judging by our monitoring about 90% of power used to heat the pool is produced from the PV system, Good result and their calculator is gold.

- Scarter -

My newly-installed Madimack system has become my new best friend (at least that’s what my kids say). I was unprepared for the depth of insight that I gather from it everyday, allowing me to control my energy usage and identify the problem spots with my electricity expenditure. Running an energy-efficient (and less expensive!) household is a dream with all the tools offered. Highly recommended.

- Dean -

I got the smart home system for my vacation rental in Sydney. Having experienced a fire scare before,  I didn't want to take any more chances. Since setting up my smart home system, I have never felt more in control and reassured about the safety of my property. The guys set it up for me to have remote control over my major hazardous electrical appliances which gives me a great relief. I am able to ensure my tenant's well-being while adding value to my property. In fact, tenancy has increased in recent times. Glad I made the switch :)

- Anastasia -

The hydronic fan coil system powered by their Madimack multifunction heat pump has exceeded our expectations, not only for the athletes' comfort, but more importantly our running costs have been slashed. We went from paying over $2,500 per month to under $700. I cannot speak highly enough of this system. 

- James, Pure Performance Golf Labs -

In essence the Madimack replaced what was going to be three different appliances. The benefits of an all in one system to service our hot water, air conditioning and under floor heating definitely had benefits through the building process but recently after receiving our power bill has proven the real benefits are still to come. Have already recommended these guys to a girlfriend who is just about to build. 

- Rebecca -

My wife and I used these guys for our pool heating. Richard took time to explain how the system works and how cheaper it is rather than using gas. Not alone that but their price measures up too. Thanks again Madimack we are now seeing the rewards. 

- John -

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